Experience Freedom

Create Vision

and Thrive



from Latin retrahere

‘To Pull Back’


When business and life becomes too busy we need to pull back from our lives and reset.

Our off grid retreats create this space. And to go deeper. To fully reconnect with ourselves, to remember who we truly are and why we're here on this planet.


Are you ready to reach your fullest potential, take action and change your

life, business and relationships?

Now is the right time.

Our Retreats

Retreats can take place anywhere in the world, depending on both your and our location

Beach Meditation

Private Retreats

Dive deep within yourself to remember and reconnect with your true self.

Feel rejuvenated, empowered and leave with a clear sense of direction and action plan to live the life you want

Price: €1500 per day

Yoga on Beach

Company Retreats

Get out of the corporate environment to let creative ideas flow, develop the strategy and create a team that thrives.




Prices vary depending on the group size and location

Couple Meditating on the Beach

Couples Retreats

Discover how to (re)ignite your relationship


Share new experiences, gain insights and remember what attracted you to each other.


Price: €1897 per day per couple