“If you don’t wake up feeling like this…

You’re doing it WRONG! “

You’ve got more than the average person;

A thriving career


holiday home

nice car

expensive watch

And you feel trapped…


Not to mention the question:

“What am I going to do after I retire?”

Dancing Couple


Want to feel the joy of being alive

Are winning at the game in your career, but you’re losing at the game of life.

Cannot figure out why you’re so unhappy

Are living a rich life from the outside, but your body tells something different.

Want to sharpen your focus onto the things that really matter to you.

"If you are looking for someone to confide in and learn from about yourself, your professional skills, your career ambitions, and your potential Caroline is the right person for you.”

Gienna Hu -Italy

You're doing it wrong,

because you’re looking outside yourself for fulfillment


But you’ve got to look within.

You need to connect with your Authentic Self

My job is to guide you towards your Authentic Self.

By taking control of your mind and healing your past.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results.”

— Albert Einstein.


Real transformation starts with awareness. You have to take control of your mind and understand your underlying assumptions, beliefs, conditioning, values and expectations that create how you perceive the world.

By going beyond the mind and connecting with your Authentic Self the need for external luxuries, attractions, escapes and addictions fades way. It’s not that you cannot enjoy them, but it becomes pale in comparison to this connection. You’ll experience that living a fulfilled life is not about getting, it’s about giving. You’ll become the leader to serve. Uplift yourself and the ones you lead.

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Progress happens over a period of gradually implementing lifestyle changes. We will work to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be with actionable and achievable changes.

Packages are the most cost effective and results oriented approach to life coaching. I offer 2 packages and single coaching sessions.

We are all unique, so our sessions will adapt around you and your needs, experience and results. One size does not fit all.



1 Coaching session

(60 min)




In person or Online





Cost : 

397 EURO

3 Months


Free intake (30 Min)


13 Weekly

Coaching sessions

(60 min)

In person or Online



Whatsapp or Line  support in between sessions


Cost : 

3900 EURO

6 Months


Free Intake (30 min)

26 Weekly

Coaching sessions

(60 min)

In person or Online


Whatsapp or Line support in between sessions

Cost :

6900 EURO

How does it work

  • First, we have a free 30 minutes coaching over the phone. We'll discuss your needs and expectations.

  • When there's a (mutual) click we decide what package is best for you and start with a personal plan.

  • Sessions are 1 hours, either face to face depending where I am or online via Zoom.

  • Every week we'll have a session, with Whats's App or Line support in between sessions

  • Single sessions are available, but I highly recommend a package. This way we can go to the core and maximize your results.


Caitlin Fuller.jpg

Caitlin Fuller - South Africa

“Caroline provided me with the one thing that I have been needing for over 2 years but been too nervous or afraid to seek out. She is a kind, attentive and open minded listener and a neutral perspective on my situation. She listened, asked questions and offered guidance and advice on how to overcome these obstacles. I felt so much better and more confident than I have  in a long time leaving that session.  I will be forever grateful to her.” 

Gienna Hu.jpg

Gienna Hu

Milano, Italy

“Caroline has been really friendly and capable from the first moment I met her in my search to find the right direction to develop my skills. She is a positive and happy person, but at the same time a provoker, and It is what I was looking for. She has a masterful knack for knowing when to invoke these various skills to bring out a clarity of purpose and desire that. She has a way of repackaging your own. If you are looking for someone to confide in and learn from about yourself, your professional skills, your career ambitions, and your potential Caroline is the right person for you.”

Virginie Ortis.jpg

Virgenie Ortis –

Paris, France

“Caroline is a bright and lively person, warm, welcoming, and very knowledgeable about coaching. She made me feel instantly comfortable in talking to her about personal matters. She listened carefully about the struggles I have in my personal life and already, in one session, turned my perception around, gave me some tools to apply daily. It was very enlightening.  She really does make you feel like taking a baby step is already a step forward. “ 


Why Caroline?

Caroline van der Weerd, Msc. has always been fascinated by the human mind. During her Masters in (Neuro)Science she investigated the influence anxiety on decision-making in humans and rodents, which are published several neuroscientific magazines.

After her studies she enrolled in a Management Traineeship of Ahold Delhaize followed by business development manager for Beiersdorf. During this period she learned a lot about the corporate world, but it also let her to a burnout in 2015. She didn’t know who she was anymore, but she did feel that this lifestyle was not going to make her happy. She quit her job and ended her relationship in the same week. In first few weeks she felt liberated and as if she’d overcome the biggest hurdles in life. Only to find out that this was just the beginning…

​During this period, she tried various meditations and practices, has read a shitload of books and has followed a lot of courses and coaching. And so many times she found herself crying on the floor asking: Why does life has to be so hard? Am I going crazy? But the most profound one: Why did nobody tell me this before?

She learned that life isn’t supposed to be easy. When we experience pain, it means that we’re growing. It’s up to you whether you accept that challenge or not. But you don’t have to do this alone. Caroline will guide you through the process of self-discovery and provide the necessary tools to make it a joyful ride.

 Because she knows that it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, it only matters who you become in those circumstances.

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Being a true inspirational leader is an inside job. You have to deal with your emotions and traumas. They are protecting us ferociously, causing your sabotaging behavior. I’ll guide you through them in order to heal them.

Connect to your Authentic Self and become highly aware of what you want, need and your purpose. You’ll see more opportunities that lead you in the right direction instead of being stuck and lived by your busy schedule. You’ll make better choices that are good for you, your body, your health and your family. You’ll become a more loving person.

This leads to astonishing results, of you being fulfilled, at peace and living in full power.